Cancellation from examinations

When you register for an examination, a so-called examination procedure is initiated. Should you not be able to participate, proper cancellation is absolutely necessary!

You can cancel the examination within the specified cancellation period without giving reasons (according to examination regulations).

ATTENTION: If, according to the examination regulations, you are obliged to take an examination, non-participation still leads to failure to pass the examination. Examples: Repeat regulation or failure to meet the registration deadline.

If you can prove valid reasons, please observe the regulations for withdrawal, e.g. due to illness.


Please send your application by post, by e-mail or put it in a letterbox of TUK (in front of Building 47 or the one on the 4th floor in Building 47). In the case of postal delivery, the date of receipt or the postmark shall be decisive, depending on the examination regulations.

Depending on the examination regulations, there may be further details that need to be observed. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible staff of the Subdivision for Distance Student Affairs.

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