Notification of sickness and withdrawal

You can withdraw from an examination without giving a reason or by providing reasons. However, it is imperative that you observe the regulations on withdrawal in the respective examination regulations.
Withdrawal with a valid reason may be possible if the reasons are reported without delay (without culpable hesitation) in writing, made credible and proven. The necessary evidence to substantiate the case must be enclosed.

 If the candidate fails to attend or withdraws due to illness, this has to be proven without delay by a medical certificate and submitted to the Subdivision for Distance Student Affairs. As a rule, the medical certificate must be submitted within 3 days, this shall be done digitally."

The medical certificate shall be exlusively scanned and sent by e-mail to the respective procressing staff at Dept. 4.5 . However, you are required to keep the original for the length of your studies and provide it to the university upon request.

Important note: Furthermore, no certificate of incapacity to work will be accepted.

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