Current information for students on the effects of the coronavirus (for on-campus students)


Students who have lost their jobs and are now in financial distress because of the coronavirus, can apply for financial aid by sending an E-Mail to: info(at)

26.03.2020 Your Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern



Dear students,

from 30.03.2020 no new applications for emergency financial aid will be accepted for the time being.
We need some time to process the flood of applications quickly.
Please refrain from queries of any kind.

Many thanks to
Your Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern


The current courses of the winter semester (block courses, laboratories, internships, etc.) will be postponed until further notice.

The start of lectures in the summer semester 2020, i.e. teaching in the form of face-to-face lectures (classic situation of knowledge transfer by lecturers in front of an auditorium in a lecture hall) will be postponed from 14 to 20 April 2020 without extending the lecture period backwards. To what extent this will result in an extension of the lecture period beyond 18 July 2020 has not yet been decided.

Intensive consideration is currently being given to making the lecture contents available in a digital format. As soon as we have more detailed information here, we will announce this.

The planned introductory events of the student representatives and
the presence events of the math pre-course are cancelled. As
Replacement will be a online version of the math pre-course (from
offered, more information can be found on the
website of the math preliminary course. About possible substitute offers
for the introductory events, you will be informed on the websites of the departments.

1. Students who have been in the designated risk areas for study, private or business purposes in the past 14 days or who have had contact with possible infected persons (e.g. living in a domestic community with a possible infected person) are not permitted to enter the TUK campus during the two weeks following their return or following contact. Solutions will be found for those affected in order to avoid disadvantages. In such cases, please contact the TUK hotline: studium(at)

2. the public traffic at the TUK is to be reduced as far as possible, which means that students are not allowed to enter the TUK buildings.


 As the TUK, we are trying to clarify what effects the postponement of courses, the cancellation of exams, a delay in the presentation of evidence, etc., through no fault of one's own, have on BAföG grants, both for those already receiving grants and for new students. We can already state the following:

1. first-year students receive BAföG from the month in which the courses were originally supposed to start. Students who are already studying will also receive training support in the lecture-free periods according to § 15 Abs. 2 BAföG.

2. support beyond the maximum period of support can be granted if the postponement or cancellation of the examinations is the reason that the study cannot be completed within the maximum period of support. This is an individual case examination. The examination is not carried out ex officio. Students must inform the Office for Educational Support of these circumstances.  Please contact us only if you reach your standard period of study at the end of the winter semester 2019/20. In order to examine the causality, you will need to submit a current performance overview.

3. if students are unable to present the required proof of performance according to § 48 Abs. 1 BAföG due to the postponement or cancellation of examinations after the 4th semester, the later presentation can be admitted if the postponement or cancellation is the reason that the usual performance could not be achieved. This is an individual case examination. The examination is not carried out ex officio. Students must inform the Office for Educational Support of these circumstances. Please only contact us if the coming summer semester 2020 is your 5th subject semester, as the proof of performance is only required from the 5th subject semester onwards. In order to check the causation, it is necessary to present a current overview of your performance.

4. students who receive assistance in completing their studies and who cannot complete their studies as planned within the period of assistance due to the closure of the university, the postponement of the start of lectures or due to entry restrictions, will continue to receive the loan even during the pandemic-related restrictions. If you have already received 12 months of graduation assistance, a new application for assistance with all necessary documents is required. If you have only received help to complete your studies for one semester, the period of approval can be extended by a further semester after you have informed the Office for Educational Support.

Application for the summer semester 2020

The registration deadline for all courses of study has been extended until 20.4.2020.

In the study programmes with open admissions, applications are still possible until 27.03.2020. The complete application can be sent by post or by e-mail in pdf file format.

Applicants with an early Abitur can submit their Abitur certificate by 20.04.2020 at the latest.

You can send any missing documents for your enrolment by e-mail to the responsible staff member or drop them in the (blue) mailbox at building 47 opposite the bus stop.

If you have any other questions, please contact the TUK hotline: studium(at)

Examination Matters

An inter-university group is already working intensively on audit planning. As soon as this is completed, registration for examinations will be possible again. You will be informed about this date (activation of the function in the QIS) without being asked and as soon as possible. Please note that a shortened registration period is planned for the quick and efficient planning of examinations. 

Since there may unfortunately be delays in the preparation of certificates, we offer to issue provisional certificates and performance summaries, e.g. for application purposes. Please contact the responsible working group by e-mail.

All written, oral, practical and all other examination formats in attendance studies scheduled up April 30th 2020will be postponed. The announcement of new examination dates is made at least two weeks in advance.

The deadline for the submission of all registered term papers, final papers, drafts and similar examination formats will be extended by a lump sum of 6 weeks ex officio until further notice, without prejudice to the other provisions in the examination regulations. This also applies to all term papers, final papers, drafts and similar examination formats which are registered up to and including 20.04.2020. The new deadlines to be calculated will be entered as soon as possible by the staff of the Examination Office. You can then view your new deadline in the QIS. Please have a little patience and refrain from making inquiries regarding the new deadline.

Please note that you must be properly registered for the (extended) deadline, i.e. neither on leave of absence nor de-registered.

Information on submission of work, as of 25.03.2020
1. submission of final papers, homework: As there may be problems with printing or binding of final papers, term papers or scientific papers, we also allow the submission of papers in PDF format by e-mail to the Examinations Office. In this case, the file should be received by e-mail via the RHRK account by 12 noon of the submission date. Department 4.2 will then acknowledge receipt. If no confirmation of receipt has been received by 3 p.m., please contact the department by phone. Students are responsible for submitting their files in time. Submissions can only be made via the RHRK e-mail account; if necessary, a bound edition can be requested subsequently. If the file is large, send it in several files.

2 Due to the restriction of public access, it is no longer permitted to enter the laboratories for the purpose of writing student research projects or theses.  If the flat-rate extension of 6 weeks is not sufficient, a further extension can be agreed with the supervisor(s) in these cases.

3. if you have general questions about examinations as a result of the effects on Corona, write to your responsible administrator* in the examination affairs department.

At the moment, the exams at the chairs are adjourned indefinitely. All parties involved are currently working on a concept to be able to organise them again as quickly as possible, efficiently and without health risks. Of course, your waiting time caused by this will be taken into account and your right will therefore not be forfeited due to time lapse. The inspection of files in opposition proceedings, which is to be distinguished from this, is described here in a separate section (see below).

The registration deadlines for examinations according to the examination regulations are extended by a lump sum of one semester. This means, for example, that the deadline for registering for examinations is extended by one semester ex officio by the Examinations Office, without prejudice to the other regulations in the examination regulations. The same also applies in particular to deadlines for the repetition of written examinations, term papers, oral examinations, etc. 

Objections can be submitted by e-mail in pdf format to meet the deadline. Please make sure that the objections are signed by hand. 


If your studies are extended beyond the standard period of study due to the postponement or cancellation of examinations, the German scholarship can be extended upon application. A further prerequisite is that funds are available for this purpose.

Study Matters

Exchange students (outgoings) should inform their contact person in the International Office/Welcome Center and the respective professors at the partner universities and ask whether a stay and/or enrollment is possible in principle. TUK students who have planned study-related trips, excursions, etc. or who are planning to do so for the coming summer semester 2020 should reconsider their trips and at best postpone them until further notice.

For students who have to carry out an Erasmus or other exchange visit in the regions concerned and have to break it off, the (Erasmus) support for the days spent abroad can, under certain conditions, still be paid for the days spent abroad in the event of an early return, even if the minimum duration is not reached. If this is relevant for you, please contact the International Department at erasmus(at) Affected regions are the designated risk areas.

1. the effects of coronavirus do not constitute grounds for suspension

2. if a leave of absence for the summer semester 2020 has been granted and the reason for the leave of absence cannot be exercised due to the effects of the coronavirus, the leave of absence may be revoked by 15 June 2020 upon presentation of appropriate evidence.

3) During a leave of absence, no study and examination achievements may be taken.

1 Newly enrolled students receive their chip card by post.

2 If your chip card no longer works, you will receive a replacement by post.

Please send us an e-mail to and write us why you need a new chip card and your current postal address

We try to send you your new chip card as soon as possible.
After receiving your new chip card, please send your old chip card in an envelope addressed to the SSC or drop it in the (blue) mailbox at building 47 opposite the bus stop.
If you do not return your old chip card, we reserve the right to deactivate your new chip card.

3 If you have not yet validated your student card, a validator is available on campus.

You can validate your chip card in building 47, entrance area ground floor (in front of the SSC) during the following times

Monday to Thursday 09.00 - 16.00 h and Friday 09.00 - 13.00 h

In order to avoid accumulations, we ask you to validate your chip card only if you absolutely want to use it (e.g. for public transport).

Please keep your distance, at least 1.50 metres, and observe the applicable hygiene measures.

The rest of the building is closed.

4. if you are unable to come to the campus to validate your student ID, we also offer to extend your card by mail.

Send us your chip card by mail to

TU Kaiserslautern
Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. Building 47
67663 Kaiserslautern

Please check in the QIS whether your address is current and update it if necessary.

5. autolaod: There is a device available in the entrance area of building 47 in front of the SSC to recharge your credit with autoload. The Studierendenwerk also offers a possibility:

If you wish to exmatriculate, please send an e-mail to studium(at)
We will then inform you about the further procedure. 

The performance of internships for study purposes in a designated risk area is prohibited. Students who are unable to carry out their internship should contact the academic advisors.

Due to cancelled exams or extensions of deadlines, the duration of your studies may be extended.
In this case you must re-register for the next semester.
Please transfer the social contribution of 241,81 Euro to the following bank account:

Beneficiary: Landeshochschulkasse Mainz
Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank Mainz Branch
IBAN: EN 35 5500 0000 0055001525

Example for the intended use
SEM 20201 MTKNR 123456 Tuition fee TU KL SS20 Last name, first name

After SEM, the calendar year and the corresponding semester are given in second place. 1 stands for summer semester, 2 for winter semester. It is essential that you enter your matriculation number (MTKNR).

You do not have to pay a late fee. 

If students are enrolled twice in the winter semester (simultaneously in Bachelor and Master programmes) and cannot prove their Bachelor's degree by the end of May 2020 due to the corona effects, they will again be enrolled exclusively in the Bachelor programme. Justification: The double enrolment is a legal regulation which we as TUK cannot ignore. However, we will check with the responsible ministry whether exceptions are permissible due to the current situation. The same applies to possible effects for recipients of BAföG benefits with regard to the possible reclaiming of funding.

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