You can end your membership of the TUK at any time at your own request by de-registration.
With the date of de-registration, your student status ends and with it all rights and obligations associated with it. This means that you are no longer allowed to perform any study or examination work after de-registration.


  • A retroactive de-registration is not possible
  • Your RHRK account will be deactivated two weeks after your de-registration and deleted one month later.
  • For further information, please visit the RHRK website

Automatic de-registration ("ex officio") only takes place at the end of the semester. In the following cases you will be automatically de-registered:

  • if you do not re-register for the next semester (no payment of the study costs)
  • if you have successfully completed your studies and you have received your final examination certificate
  • if you have lost your right to take the exam

You can de-register at any time during the semester (you can choose the date yourself, but retroactive de-registration is not possible).


On-campus students distance students

The application for de-registration can be sent by e-mail as a PDF file to studium(at)

Please settle any outstanding matters directly with the University Library and the Student Union and, if applicable, your department. In this way, you will avoid later enquiries (e.g. regarding the return of books, keys, etc.).

If you are already re-registered for the coming semester, please enclose a photo of your student ID with your application for de-registration. If this has already been validated for the following semester, you must either send us the ID by post or present it at the SSC so that we can correct the validity.


The application for de-registration can be sent by e-mail as a PDF file to the respective employees in the Department for Distance Students Affairs

A personal appearance is not necessary.

  • Your student status expires
  • Your entitlement to perform study and examination work expires
  • Your semester ticket becomes invalid
  • Your RHRK account will be deactivated
  • Your health insurance company will be informed of the TUK's decision to withdraw your registration
  • If you de-register by 30.04. or 31.10., you have the possibility to refund your study costs for the coming semester.
  • To do so, please use the application for refund and submit it by 30.04. or 31.10. at the latest.

Important: If you de-register in the new semester, the semesters of the new semester will remain the same.


On-campus and

early admission

The applications can be sent to the SSC by e-mail as PDF files.

StudentServiceCenter (SSC)
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Office hours
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afternoons by appointment

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Phone: +49 631 205 5252
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