Your enrolment at TUK may be terminated by de-registering (cancellation of your enrolment).

Students who do not wish to continue their studies are automatically de-registered (ex officio) by TUK at the end of the semester if no re-registration is made by paying the social contribution.

Students who have completed their studies will also be de-registered (ex officio) by TUK at the end of the semester in which the final examination certificate was handed over.

You can only apply for de-registration during the semester in person or through an authorised representative. You can determine the time of de-registration. The application for de-registration is deemed to have been submitted at the end of the semester if no other date has been specified.

Please note: Retroactive de-registration is not possible.

If you would like to be de-registered, you will receive the necessary information on the procedure and the application form in the  SSC during opening hours.

Important: De-registration is only possible if you bring your student chip card with you.

We recommend that you de-register during morning office hours. For your de-registration you need confirmation of discharge from various offices on the TUK campus (e.g. department/dean's office, library, student union). The form and further information can also be obtained from the SSC.

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