If you are enrolled at TUK and would like to continue your studies, you have to register for the next semester.

The social contribution fee and, if applicable, the tuition fee have to be paid within the re-registration period.

IMPORTANT: You also have to re-register if you wish to apply for a change of degree programme or leave of absence.

In due time before the re-registration period you will receive a remittance slip with the amount to be paid. Only if payment is received properly will the place be retained for the coming semester.

Attention: If you do not re-register within the re-registration period, a late fee will be payable in addition to the re-registration fee in accordance with the provisions of the Special Schedule of Fees RLP.

Please be sure to use the exact details on the payment form for the transfer of your social security contribution and state them when making the transfer (online banking). This is the only way to ensure that your payment is assigned correctly and legibly.

Once the re-re-registration period has expired and the payment has been received, you will be re-registered.

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