Leave of absence

Upon application, students my be exempted from the obligation to study properly for important reasons (leave of absence). The period of leave should not exceed two semesters.

The leave of absence should be applied for within the re-registration period , at the latest by the last calendar day before the beginning of the semester (31.03. or 30.09.). Only in the event of an unforeseeable event (e.g. illness) can the application be submitted by 15 June for the summer semester at the latest and by 15 December for the winter semester.

A leave of absence for previous semesters is excluded.

A leave of absence before the start of studies and in the first semester after initial or new enrolment is excluded.

A leave of absence is only possible for important reasons. An important reason in particular is given in case of

  • prolonged illness that excludes proper study in the semester in question.
  • care of a close relative.
  • maternity protection or parental leave.
  • study and research stays abroad (students who study for one or two semesters at a foreign university, but not for integrated semesters abroad).
  • study-related internships (in addition to proof of the reason for leave of absence, the approval of the department representative is required).
  • completion of a voluntary internship (in addition to proof of the reason for leave of absence, the approval of the department representative is required).
  • exceptional professional burden (confirmation by the respective employer required); only for students in distance education courses


The leave of absence can only be granted if sufficient proof of the reason for the leave of absence is submitted together with the application for leave of absence.

Students can make use of protection periods in accordance with Sec. 3 para. 1 of the Maternity Protection Act and parental leave in accordance with Sec. 15 para. 1 to 3 of the Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act; you are to be granted leave for this upon request.

In the case of a leave of absence of more than two semesters, the respective department conducts an oral consultation on the effects of the leave of absence on the course of study and the examinations. A confirmation will be issued, which has to be submitted together with the application for leave of absence.

The social contribution fee is to be paid in full also in the event of a leave of absence. The contribution has to be paid within the re-registration period.

  • When on leaves of absence, the student is not allowed submit coursework or take part in examinations.
    Exceptions: Study abroad or internship abroad - recognition is possible here if equivalence is established - .
  • A leave of absence influences examination deadlines, please clarify this with the Examination Office (students enrolled in on-campus degree programmes) or with the department for distance study degree programmes (DISC students).
  • Leave semesters count as university semesters, but not as subject semesters.

Child benefits
Duration of student health insurance
Scholarships / funding programmes

Further information can be obtained from the competent authorities: BAföG and Scholarships Department, child benefit fund, health insurance fund, scholarship office.


Foreign students should discuss the legal consequences of their leave of absence with the relevant foreign office before applying for it.


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