On campus study

You can print out the following study certificates yourself:

  • Matriculation certificate - previous semester
  • Matriculation certificate - current semester
  • Master data sheet

You will receive these certificates via the QIS self-service function as soon as you receive your student chip card and initial password and have set up a student account at the Regional University Computing Center (RHRK).

Depending on the system, you will receive the matriculation certificate for the current semester as the certificate of enrolment for the coming semester if the re-registration has already taken place.

The certificates can be checked for correctness via online verification.

Important: You can only use the QIS self-service function from your computer at home or on the road if you use the VPN client. This sounds complicated? Fortunately, it isn't.
 Here you will find a good description of QIS and how to use it from home.

You need a different certificate? Then please contact the SSC!

All examination certificates will be issued by the Examination Office.

Distance study (DISC)

Study certificates

You can apply for the following study certificates:

  • matriculation certificate
  • pension statement
  • progress certificate
  • de-registration certificate
  • data sheet (incl. student ID), if not delivered or duplicate



Examination certificates

You can also apply for the following examination certificates:

  • Overview of academic achievements (of your academic and examination achievements)
1. for application purposes (achievements to date + without indication of number of attempts)
2. for a change of university (all services rendered so far)




All certificates are issued by the Subdivision of Distance Student Affairs (Section 4.5).

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