Studying abroad

Studying abroad lets you experience other life styles and gives you an opportunity to view your own country from a different perspective. Furthermore, your language abilities will improve, you can expand your professional knowledge, and you will bring home a wealth of personal experience. These pages are directed at students who want to learn what opportunities exist and how to pursue their studies abroad.

Benefits of studies abroad:

  • Foreign language skills
  • Understanding of different cultures and work ethics
  • Self confidence and independence
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to deal with criticism of own country and culture
  • Tolerance
  • General education and expert knowledge
  • Improved organizational and cooperative abilities

Studying abroad offers a high "return on investment" and this applies not only to your future career perspectives. The following information is intended to help you prepare for more detailed consultations at the International Office. Take advantage of the offers and opportunities available at TU Kaiserslautern!

Requirements and general information for planning

Where to?

That is your choice! Do you want to learn about another European country or are you interested in overseas travel - to the United States, Australia, or maybe China? It is important that your choice be compatible with your program objectives; you have a desire to see new countries and people; and you speak the language of the host country fairly well.


Beyond Europe



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