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Teacher mobility

The mobility of the teachers is governed by bilateral agreements that bind the individual departments with their partner institutions in Europe. Erasmus officials administer the partnerships at the respective faculty.



  • Within one academic year: 1 June - 30 June of the following year





Eligibility requirements


  • Occupy a teaching position at TU Kaiserslautern with at least one year of acquired longevity

  • Citizen of an EU member country or some other country that recognizes the Erasmus programme

  • Citizens of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein are not authorized to receive compensation associated with these contracts as funding is provided through the national agency in Luxembourg or Liechtenstein. However, the administration is still managed by the International Office.

  • An existing cooperation agreement with the preferred host school







  • Partial reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses at the partner schools

  • The subsistence subsidy this year for the ERASMUS teacher mobility programme is €750.00. All costs in excess of €750 must be covered by own or third party funds.

  • If the teacher participating in the ERASMUS programme has a disability or special needs (e.g., single parent with a child abroad), we can request a supplemental payment over and above the highest EU rate.





Notify us well in advance of your interest in the teacher mobility program.

Contact: Irina Prizigoda.


1. The following documents are required prior to start


  • Request for ERASMUS subsidy/Letter of acceptance

  • Invitation from the partner school

  • Coordination of the teaching program (teaching assignment)





2. The following documents are required after completion


  • Official travel declaration

  • Confirmation of length of stay signed by the host institution

  • Final report





The documents listed under item 2 (except the official travel declaration) should be submitted no later than two weeks after the end of your stay. After the personnel department has processed your travel documents and sent you the official travel declaration, provide a copy to us so that we can transfer the subsidy of up to €750.