General information for a semester abroad

The key to achieving success - and appreciating the benefits - of a study abroad programme is careful preparation; and this in large measure, depends on your own initiative. Be careful to allow yourself enough time to make all the preparations: Experience shows that, in general, at least one year is required

Timing and other planning considerations

A study abroad programme requires through planning. Find out early about exchange opportunities and support programmes. These programmes often have application deadlines of one year or longer in advance of beginning your study or internship. The ideal point in time for a semester abroad is during your advanced or main course of study. Begin your planning while in the foundation or basic courses. Consider the following:

  • When and for how long do you want to stay abroad?
  • Are your language skills adequate?
  • Do you prefer to go individually, as a so called "free mover" or
  • Participate in an exchange programme sponsored by TU Kaiserslautern?





  • Are you naturally curious about other living, working, and learning conditions?
  • Are you prepared to devote additional time, energy, and possibly your savings for the organization of a stay abroad?
  • Do you have the motivation, flexibility, and persistence to search for an appropriate programme or internship in addition to learning or refreshing foreign language skills?




Language skills

If you do not have adequate foreign language skills, do not delay in signing up for a language course either in Germany or abroad and take advantage of every chance (e.g., tandem learning) to acquire the necessary fluency. The Foundation for the General Promotion of International Understanding, Culture, and Education (VBK) offers language training courses at TU Kaiserslautern during the semester.

Study semester abroad

There are two options when planning a semester abroad:

  • Individual organization of your stay because, for example, you are familiar with a certain school there or you have a country preference,
  • Participation in one of the exchange programmes offered at TU Kaiserslautern.




Both options can be discussed with the staff of the International Office. The application process is simpler for the official exchange programmes. You will need more self-initiative if individually organizing your stay.

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