Winter Semester 2020/21 - Hybridsemester

The summer semester is coming to an end and the world is still under the influence of the Corona pandemic and its consequences. All of you have made your contribution to the fact that TUK was able to organise an almost regular semester even under the difficult conditions.

In view of the general conditions of the current corona control regulation, the currently low infection rate in Rhineland-Palatinate and the measures implemented on campus to prevent corona infections, it is planned that TUK will change from the previous minimum operation to a restricted university operation as of 01.09.2020.

Even though no one can foresee the developments in the coming months, we have decided to start the planning for the coming winter semester in a hybrid operation under the motto "On Campus + Digital = 100% Studies". What does this mean in concrete terms?

Scheduling of the semester

As originally planned, the lecture period in the winter semester will start on 26 October 2020 for all courses of study and end on 13 February 2021. This means that there will be no shifts either in the examination phase or in internships or the like.

Teaching formats

As things stand at present, it is not possible to foresee what circumstances we will have to adapt to in the coming semester. Our current plans are based on the assumption that there will be no deterioration in the pandemic situation in Germany or even a renewed lockdown.

As we currently assume that distance regulations will still have to be observed in autumn and winter, we have decided to conduct the winter semester in a "hybrid operation", i.e., to hold attendance courses where room capacities permit and where health protection makes this justifiable. The focus of the attendance courses will initially be on the offers for first semester students in order to give them a good start at the TU Kaiserslautern. This applies to first semester students in the Bachelor as well as in the Master area. Here we have already started with the spatial planning, which has to be adjusted to the permitted number of persons. This will be done in close coordination with the departments, also with regard to clarifying additional requirements.

In the Master's programs, we will ensure that any presence formats are also broadcast live so that our international students, who are currently affected by travel restrictions, can also be included.

Nevertheless, the majority of the courses will probably continue to be offered digitally.

Of course, we will closely follow the regulations of the country in our planning and will inform you about any changes as soon as possible.

These regulations and decisions were made on the basis of the current state of knowledge and knowledge of the applicable political framework.
Please note that these may change daily.

The departments are working on the structure of their websites for the wintersemester.



Information of the departments

Technical requirements for the online classes

  • RHRK-Account
  • PC, laptop with internet access
  • if necessary a VPN connection for content which is only accessible within the networks of the TU Kaiserslautern

Information for new students

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