Current information on the effects of the coronavirus on studies

(distance students)

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These regulations and decisions were made on the basis of the current state of knowledge and knowledge of the applicable political framework.

Please note that these may change daily.


Despite the Corona pandemic, we want to offer you the best possible teaching with lots of practical content - in doing so, the TUK follows the opening concept of the state government and the associated planning requirements of the Ministry of Health and Science (MWG). The opening concept envisions a university operation that is predominantly based on presence. The basis for this is the 3-G rule, which allows vaccinated, (negatively) tested and recovered persons access to lectures and other attendance events.

In the planning of the winter semester, the room capacities in the HIS system can be used accordingly. Regardless of the specific requirements of the state, we plan to implement with an explicit recommendation of wearing a mouth-nose protection. The contact recording requirement will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Digital teaching and learning materials will be made available for students who are unable to attend face-to-face classes (quarantine cases, etc.).
In the event that the pandemic situation worsens by the start of lectures in the coming semester, changes to the plan are possible. The TUK is developing a graduated concept for this purpose in order to ensure as much presence as possible even in the case of restrictions until the end.

Please help us to work together to reduce the incidence of infection by complying with safety regulations.


Important rules of conduct in general as well as concepts of the TUK about measures before, in and after exams (contact registration, current security concepts and lecture hall plans) can be found at

Detailed information on examination matters can be found (here on this page) in the following stick points.

1. students who are in a repeat obligation and withdraw from the examination must take the next possible examination date offered after the cancelled examination date.

2. if you have general questions about examinations as a result of the effects on Corona, write to your responsible administrator* in the Department of Distance Student Affairs.

Note: In view of the spread of virus variants and incidences, the TU Kaiserslautern is constantly reviewing this requirement, which currently continues to apply.

According to an updated decision of the TU Kaiserslautern, the wearing of a medical mask (=OP-mask, a MNB is not sufficient!) is obligatory in all written examinations on the way from/to the examination place, and if necessary after request by the supervisor.  An exemption from the mask obligation is possible and can be proven by a medical certificate.

The certificate must at least clearly state the basis for the medical diagnosis and the reasons why wearing a mask would be an unreasonable burden in the specific case. Students who are exempt from the mask requirement must send the relevant certificate to the Subdivision Distance Student Affairs at least in due time before the examination.


Information on the timely submission of a doctor's certificate for a withdrawal due to illness can be found below (under "Risk groups, illness and withdrawal for a valid reason").

For the group of students exempted from the mask requirement, the relevant department must provide an alternative examination room.

Therefore, the submission of such a certificate (exemption) for exams for coordination should be made no later than 2 weeks before the exam.

Should students appear for the examination without a mask (and without a certificate) through fault of their own, participation in the examination is to be prohibited. Note: As a rule, this will result in a fail (5.0).

Please observe the instructions and requirements of the TUK (hygiene guidelines) before and during the examinations.

1. Submission of final papers, term papers: As there may be problems with the printing or binding of final papers, term papers or academic papers, we also allow (according to current status until 30.09.2022) the submission of papers in PDF format by e-mail to the Department of Distance Student Affairs. In this case, the file should be received by e-mail via the RHRK account by 12 noon of the submission date. Department 4.5 will then acknowledge receipt. If no confirmation of receipt has been received by the end of next working day., please contact the department by phone. Students are responsible for submitting their files in time. Submissions can only be made via the RHRK e-mail account; if necessary, a bound edition can be requested subsequently. If the file is large, send it in several files.

2. Due to the Corona Guidelines TUK, entry to the laboratories, especially for the purpose of thesis work, is only permitted in compliance with the safety and hygiene plan and is therefore only possible to a limited extent. If this leads to delays in the completion of the thesis and the general extension for the thesis of 6 weeks is not sufficient, a further extension can be agreed with the supervisor in such cases.

If it is necessary to cross the border into Germany from abroad to take part in an examination, a certificate can be issued for presentation at the border control.

For this purpose, please contact your respective staff member in Division 4.5.

To ensure that you receive the original in good time, your request should be received at least one week before the examination date.

Please also note the regulations of your country and the Federal Police regarding border crossing.

You can apply for a certificate of compulsory attendance at the TUK. This confirms that you, as a student, must be present for study/examination purposes (not tourist purposes). Due to the current pandemic situation, this may be relevant for possible hotel bookings. Please contact the DISC staff.

The performance of internships for study purposes in a designated risk area is prohibited. Students who cannot carry out their internship should contact DISC directly.

Since there may unfortunately be delays in the preparation of certificates, we offer to issue provisional certificates and performance summaries, e.g. for application purposes. Please contact the responsible working group by e-mail.

Risk groups, illness and withdrawal for a valid reason

The regulations on the possibilities of a disadvantage compensation application continue to apply, especially for students who belong to a risk group.
A withdrawal from an examination due to illness can also still be submitted.

In addition, the examination regulations regulate withdrawal for a "valid reason" (mostly regulated in § 19). According to this, you can withdraw from an examination for a valid reason. These reasons must be made credible.


Certain types of examinations are exempt from this regulation, for example because protective measures can be adequately taken, this is prescribed by examination law or the examination is conducted completely "online".
Therefore, the special right of withdrawal only applies to face-to-face examinations, practical laboratory examinations and oral examinations that cannot be offered with online support.


Therefore, you can also contact the department 4.5 with such a request on the occasion of the corona situation (currently by e-mail is sufficient) even at short notice (latest one day before the exam) before the above mentioned examinations with the term "special withdrawal corona".

Examples: Risk group (self/family), increasing infection numbers at the place of residence, acute psychological stress related to the pandemic situation.

Irrespective of this, you can regularly deregister from examinations within the respective deadlines (see "Registration and deregistration").

Your department 4.5 will be happy to advise you on your individual options.

Objection and review procedure

Objections can be submitted by e-mail in pdf format to meet the deadline. Please make sure that the objections are signed.

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