Current information on the effects of the coronavirus on studies

(distance students)

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These regulations and decisions were made on the basis of the current state of knowledge and knowledge of the applicable political framework.

Please note that these may change daily.


1. students who have had contact with possible infected persons (e.g. living in domestic community with a possible infected person) are not allowed to enter the TUK campus during the two weeks following contact Solutions will be found for those affected in order to avoid disadvantages. In such cases, please contact the TUK hotline: .

2) Meetings and events are still not permitted on campus. Students are only allowed to stay in a room with a supervisor for specific occasions as part of approved on-site activities.
These regulations also stipulate that the use of multifunctional devices (printing, copying, scanning) in the Follow-me system by students is currently not possible. Information on printing can be found here.

If you have lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic and you don’t have an emergency fund, you can apply for financial aid at the Studierendenwerk. A legal right to this financial aid does not exist and the allocation is dependent on the available funds.

You have already applied for the financial aid but never received an answer from us? Your application might have got lost because of the huge demand.

Please depict your emergency situation (again) and send it to: nothilfe(at)

The self-study centre has put together free offers to support students in building or strengthening important competences for successful self- and online studies. You can find an overview of the offers here.


In the current summer semester, only some of the attendance courses will take place in the usual mode. You will be informed specifically about this within your degree programmes. As far as it is possible for us to do so, we will try to provide you with final information on how and whether the event can take place at least four weeks before the planned date. You can obtain further information from DISC.

1. all examinations scheduled for the summer semester 2020 will take place as planned. In this context, please be sure to observe the information and hygiene rules you receive from the DISC.

2. students who are in a repeat obligation and withdraw from the examination must take the next possible examination date offered after the cancelled examination date.

3. if you have general questions about examinations as a result of the effects on Corona, write to your responsible administrator* in the Department of Distance Student Affairs.

1. The registration deadlines for examinations according to the examination regulations are extended by a lump sum of one semester. This means, for example, that the deadline for registering for final theses is extended by one semester ex officio by Department of Distance Student Affairs, notwithstanding the other regulations in the examination regulations. The same also applies in particular to repeat deadlines for examinations, term papers, oral examinations, etc. You already received an information on your RHRK mail address on this.

Submission of final papers, term papers: As there may be problems with the printing or binding of final papers, term papers or academic papers, we also allow the submission of papers in PDF format by e-mail to the Department of Distance Student Affairs. In this case, the file should be received by e-mail via the RHRK account by 12 noon of the submission date. Department 4.5 will then acknowledge receipt. If no confirmation of receipt has been received by 3 p.m., please contact the department by phone. Students are responsible for submitting their files in time. Submissions can only be made via the RHRK e-mail account; if necessary, a bound edition can be requested subsequently. If the file is large, send it in several files.

Due to the Corona Guidelines TUK, entry to the laboratories, especially for the purpose of thesis work, is only permitted in compliance with the safety and hygiene plan and is therefore only possible to a limited extent. If this leads to delays in the completion of the thesis and the general extension for the thesis of 6 weeks is not sufficient, a further extension can be agreed with the supervisor in such cases.

The performance of internships for study purposes in a designated risk area is prohibited. Students who cannot carry out their internship should contact DISC directly.

The inspection of written exams at the chairs is currently adjourned.

All persons involved are currently working on a concept of organization the individual inspection in order to enable it again as quickly as possible, efficiently and without risk to health.

Since the TUK buildings are still mostly closed and not all rooms of the departments are available for on-site appointments, it is recommended to switch to a digital inspection in consultation with the department.
Students who are clearly between passing/failing or who have not passed the examination should be given preference in this respect.

Since there may unfortunately be delays in the preparation of certificates, we offer to issue provisional certificates and performance summaries, e.g. for application purposes. Please contact the responsible working group by e-mail.

Study-related matters

If you wish to exmatriculate, please send the application of de-registration as a PDF via e-mail to fernstudium(at)
We will then inform you about the further procedure.

Objection and review procedure

Objections can be submitted by e-mail in pdf format to meet the deadline. Please make sure that the objections are signed.

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