Current information for students on the effects of the coronavirus (for on-campus students)

These regulations and decisions were made on the basis of the current state of knowledge and knowledge of the applicable political framework.

Please note that these may change daily.



Based on the decision of the responsible ministry, the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/21 and the summer semester 2021 will not be taken into account under education funding law if they were spent at a university in Rhineland-Palatinate (or at a university in a federal state that also has a zero-semester regulation). In all cases in which (subject) semester-bound deadlines and periods expire in these semesters, these deadlines and periods are postponed by these so-called zero semesters. In addition, the individual standard period of study is extended by these semesters.

IMPORTANT: In any case, when your grant period ends, you must apply for further funding in due time! The grant period is not automatically extended. BAföG can be granted at the earliest from the month in which the application is submitted.

Maximum funding period reached:
As the individual standard period of study is increased, the maximum funding period is also increased. Students who, for example, reach the original maximum funding period at the end of the 2020/21 winter semester or the 2021 summer semester can continue to receive funding. Please be sure to submit your BAföG application in good time, as the grant period is not automatically extended.

Benefit certificate § 48 para. 1 BAföG:
Students who have not performed the required services due to the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic can accordingly receive an additional semester of funding without submitting the proof of suitability. The negative proof of eligibility must be submitted at the time of application.

Change of Major:
The summer semester of 2020, the winter semester of 2020/21, and the summer semester of 2021 are not considered for funding purposes when evaluating the timing of a change of major.

Graduation assistance:
Assistance for the completion of studies can still be granted, even if the maximum reference period of 12 months has already been reached. A timely application is also required for this.

Examination Matters

Important rules of conduct in general as well as concepts of the TUK about measures before, in and after exams (contact registration, current security concepts and lecture hall plans) can be found at German). Central aspects can be found in English at

Detailed information on examination matters can be found (here on this page) in the following key words.

The registration phase for examinations is currently running as usual:

(Please also note the regular information by e-mail from Department 4.2!)

This means in particular,
- the regulations on compensation for disadvantages apply as before and
- You can register/deregister according to the usual procedure (if necessary, examination schedules/QIS).

Withdrawal from an examination is only possible in accordance with the current examination regulations. If you show symptoms of corona on the day of the examination, a withdrawal is possible with the proof of a rapid test updated on that day.

Should you still have questions, please direct them to your contact person in the department or your respective working group in Division 4.2.

1. Submission of final theses, term papers: Also, since there may be problems with the printing or binding of final papers, term papers, or research papers, we also allow (as it currently stands until 31.03.2023) the submission of papers (in advance, if necessary) via email to the Examination Affairs Department. In this case, the file should be received by e-mail via the RHRK account by 12 noon on the day of submission (in PDF format, please). The Examination Affairs Department will then confirm receipt. If no confirmation of receipt has been received by the end of the next business day, please contact them by phone (please see the note below regarding confirmation delay due to the holidays).

It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that the confirmation is received in time. As a rule, the submission should/can only be made via the RHRK e-mail account.

If necessary, the bound editions mentioned in the respective examination regulations can be requested subsequently via a separate e-mail from the Department for Examination Matters, regardless of the confirmation of receipt. If you have a large file, please send it to us in several files.

2. Due to the TUK Corona guidelines, entering the laboratories, especially for the purpose of final papers, is only permitted under observance of the safety and hygiene plan and is therefore only possible to a limited extent in some cases. Should this lead to delays in the completion of final papers, a further extension of the processing time can be agreed with the supervisor in such cases.

3. if you have general questions on examinations as a result of the effects on Corona, write to your*n responsible*n clerk* in the Abteilung für Prüfungsangelegenheiten.

For oral examinations in presence at the TUK, which have to be cancelled by the student, the examiner or the assessor due to an infection with the coronavirus confirmed by a rapid test, the following applies: If students at TUK are unable to attend the examination promptly (within three weeks) after the cancelled examination date, the examiners may offer to transfer the oral examination to the digital space instead (depending on the individual case, either as a complete online video examination or as an oral examination with a digitally connected examiner/attendee). An oral examination may not be transferred to the digital space if the student does not agree to the taking of the oral examination in the digital space. The student must also clearly state whether he or she considers himself or herself capable of taking the exam. An oral examination may not be taken in the form of a complete online video examination if it is a supplementary oral examination or the last repetition of the performance to be examined.

Should you still have questions, please direct them to your contact person in the department or your respective working group in Division 4.2.


If the individual standard period of study is increased due to the Corona pandemic, the Deutschlandstipendium can be extended, provided that sufficient funds are available. This usually requires an application for extension within the call period.

Study Matters

Summer semester 2022 and winter semester 2022/23:

Despite the Corona pandemic, we continue to plan the ERASMUS year 2021/22 and 2022/23 quite regularly. However, planning certainty is unfortunately not always given. Please note that all commitments to mobilities are subject to change. Depending on the situation, the EU, national governments and host universities will decide on regulations that will ultimately be binding and that we will have to follow. As soon as we in ISGS receive relevant information, e.g. from DAAD as National Agency, we will inform you by email. Please also inform yourself independently on the pages of your host universities as well as on the websites of the RKI, the Federal Foreign Office and the respective host country.
If we receive cancellations of mobilities for the summer semester 2022 or winter semester 2022/23 from the host universities, we will forward them to you.

Other stays abroad
Exchange students (outgoings) should notify their contact person at the International Office/Welcome Center and the respective professors at the partner universities and inquire whether a stay and/or enrollment is possible in principle. TUK students who have planned or are planning study-related trips, excursions, etc. for the summer semester 2022 and/or winter semester 2022/2023 should regularly check whether there is a travel warning for the destination country and whether entry is possible.
It is also advisable to inquire with the respective coordinators of the department or professors at TUK whether a stay abroad can take place.


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