Transition Bachelor to Master

If you are enrolled in a Bachelor's programme at TUK and would like to change to a Master's programme, you have to apply for the transfer to the Master's programme using the  application form for the change of programme.

The documents you are required to submit with your application depend on the degree programme for which you wish to apply. Please read the respective  Master's examination regulations  or contact the subject-specific student counselling  of the relevant department.

The application has to be submitted to the StudentServiceCenter together with the required documents within the applicable application deadlines.  

In principle, a first university degree qualifying for a profession (usually a Bachelor's degree) is required for admission to a Master's programme. In addition, admission to the Master's programme can be made dependent on other special admission requirements.

In some departments, an aptitude test is carried out to check the professional and personal aptitude for admission to the Master's programme.

Detailed information on the admission requirements can be found in the respective Master's examination regulations or can be obtained from the subject-specific student counselling in the relevant department.

TUK also offers Master’s programmes with limited enrolment. In these cases, a selection procedure is carried out after checking the professional suitability, provided that more applicants to the Master's programme fulfil the admission requirements than there are places available. You can find out from the  overview of degree programmes  whether the degree programme you are interested in is a Master's degree programme with or without limited enrolment.

According to Sec. 19 Abs. 3 Higher Education Act (Hochschulgesetz - HochSchulG) and the provisions of the respective Master's Examination Regulations or the General Master's Examination Regulations, the Master's programme may be started in exceptional cases if only a certain number of credits points (ECTS) have to be completed before the Bachelor's programme can be successfully completed. You can find out whether and under which conditions dual enrolment is possible from the respective Master's Examination Regulations or the General Master's Examination Regulations.

However, before you apply for dual enrolment, please also inform yourself about the possibility of taking early Master's examinations in your degree programme. The Examination Office  or the Examination Office Mathematics will be happy to support you.

If you receive funding under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG), you should urgently inform yourself about the effects of dual enrolment on BAföG at the Funding and Scholarships Department (BAföG).

For enrolment in both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programme (dual enrolment), the application form for a change of programme is to be used. The application has to be submitted to the StudentServiceCenter within the application deadlines, together with any further application documents that may be required.

Upon receipt of your application, the Examination Office verifies whether sufficient credit points have been earned as prerequisites for dual enrolment and will forward this information to the Student Affairs Office for further processing.

In the event that relevant evidence is still outstanding at the time of application, they may be taken into account for the dual enrolment, provided that they have been completed by the beginning of the planned semester of dual enrolment. Proof of performance and performances as such provided after this date can no longer be considered. This shall also apply to any supplementary tests that may be required. In the event that dual enrolment can be carried out, you will receive a letter in which you will also be informed by when you have to provide proof of the completion of the Bachelor's programme.

Exception: The required number of credit points (ECTS) have to be completed by the end of the application period for the Master's programmes in the Department of Biology.

Dual enrolment is only possible for one semester. The Student Affairs Office  checks whether you have achieved your Bachelor's degree within one semester. Only performances that were completed or submitted during the examination period of the dual enrolment semester can be used (15.11. for a summer semester, 15.05. for a winter semester).

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