Ordering paper at the TUK

How do you get the (new) paper?

The order is immediately possible and proceeds as follows:

  1.  Telephone call with the Foto-Repro printing department (order acceptance phone 0631-205-2435)
  2.  verbal recording of the order with indication of the cost centre, e.g. here a box of recycled paper
  3.  an order number is communicated verbally
  4.  Filling in the form "paper delivery" of the house services that deliver the box(s) of Foto-Repro to   the secretary's office
  5.  paper delivery form
  • The order number and the cost center are entered there.
  • Enter the number ordered in the field for the number of cartons or crates to be delivered.
  • Sending by e-mail (or in-house mail)

6. You are also welcome to contact us at the above telephone number for exact pricing.

Do you also get suitable letterhead and other paper products?

 The department Foto-Repro-Druck offers - as before - the new uncompromisingly sustainable paper:

  • design and print suitable head sheet paper or letter paper
    • As a rule, individualised stationery is hardly used ten times a year. Production is very resource-intensive. We recommend the use of neutral stationery without name and address field. This allows a wide use in your department and has a very short delivery time as stock goods.
  • provide suitable envelopes of all formats and design and print them as required
  • design and print matching business cards

You can order any quantity of this from your own cost center. You can also contact the above telephone number 0631-205-2435 for exact informations on pricing.

How does paper communicate its commitment to sustainable development?

The TUK's commitment to sustainable development is visibly explained and communicated with a slogan on the neutral stationery:

"FUTURE Sustainability through 100% recycling, certified with the Blue Angel."

We recommend that this presentation also be used for individualised paper products, thus emphasising sustainability. The Foto-Repro printing department will be happy to assist you.

What does this mean for the procurement processes?

In the project beschaffungsweN.de, the sustainability office of the TUK cooperates closely with the central procurement office of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The framework agreements available nationwide for all public clients (ÖA), such as this paper, show how a common approach and professional procedures with clear sustainability criteria both conserve planetary resources and give administrations organizational added value. Simplified and standardised procurement procedures and centrally monitored award criteria allow procurement bodies and administrations to better focus on other challenges.

By using the framework agreement of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the volume effects achieved can be passed on to the users of the TUK. The department for procurement of the TUK is relieved massively by the easy way of the simple order procedure over the departement store of the country (KdL) with paper orders of standard papers. There are now no longer any individual contracts in the competitive procedure for individual paper orders.

The entire and central supply of standard papers, special papers and, as a rule, the printed products of the TUK and the participating affiliated institutes is handled by the Foto-Repro printing department.

For the affiliated institutions and affiliated institutes, the procurement of paper and paper products via the Foto-Repro printing department is therefore no longer necessary and the associated administrative expenses are eliminated.

FUTURE sustainability through 100% recycling, certified by the Blue Angel

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