Blockbinding: New blocks from old paper

The uncollected, one-sided printed paper from the printing service of the computer center (RHRK) and from other sources does not have to end up in the garbage! We - the university group FUTURE Sustainability - recycle these sheets - through upcycling - and give all interested parties the chance to bind their own block every month!

Goals of the action

  • Creating awareness for the use of ressources
  • Upcycling - create something new and high-quality from waste
  • Donating - the university group FUTURE Sustainability offers block binding for charitable purposes at many of the TUK's major events.

The activity - join in!

Come by and make your own personal sustainable block! There's plenty of paper and binding spines. As a top or cover everything is suitable from milk carton to pizza carton, which can be brought into the A4 format. We'll have some boxes with us so you can cut them to size. You are also welcome to bring your favourite pizza box as a block cover! Thanks to the AStA of the TUK, who will provide us with his binding machine for the event!

The event always takes place in Foyer 46 in front of the AStA!

The dates will be announced on our Facebook page  and under current news of this homepage.

This action is supported and made possible by the commitment of volunteers from the initiative group FUTURE Sustainability.

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