Marie Curie Grants

Marie Curie grants are the specific "People" programmes of the 7th EU framework programme. They focus on the human potential where quality and quantity together represent one of the most important competitive advantages in science and technology for the European research area. The strategic goal of this specific programme is to make Europe a more attractive option for the best and brightest researchers.

Initial Training Networks

Marie Curie training networks promote the training, mobility, and professional development of highly qualified researchers through the transfer of research and knowledge in the context of international cooperation. Institutes of higher education, research centers, international organizations, or industry can participate in such projects The training networks offer early stage researchers the opportunity to improve their research skills by joining international and interdisciplinary coordinated projects. Central to this 4 year funded network is a detailed training programme which includes acquiring additional qualifications besides completing a Ph. D. thesis project. It is intended for doctoral candidates (early stage researcher).

Grants/Individual Fellowships

This type of funding supports advanced training as well as the career development of experienced scientists with a variety of programmes. The research subjects can be chosen from any area and implemented following the award of the project to one (or two) host institute(s).

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