Recycling of waste products containing metal and innovative processes for minerals processing. Modelling materials with the aid of multi-level simulations. New methods for concrete recycling. These three topic areas are exemplary for a wealth of different current issues and approaches in the field of materials science. In this area in particular, the University of the Greater Region sees the possibility of profitably employing and combining the skills and experience of all partner universities.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that materials science has become – beside Biomedecine and Border Studies – one of the three key areas of the UniGR that should be pursued vigorously for the further development of the university system in the Greater Region.

In the context of successful workshops this cooperation has been and still is being extended and intensified. Present and future workshop subjects include the following:


  • Workshop "Mineral processing and recovery of critical raw materials", 30/01/ 2014, Kaiserslautern
  • Workshop "Multiscale simulations", 31/01/2014, Saarbrücken (in cooperation with intermatGR)
  • Workshop "Microstructural Characterization and Quality Assurance", 03-04/04/2014, Saarbrücken (in cooperation with intermatGR)
  • Workshops on composites, 06/052014, Saarbrücken and 20/05/2014, Liège (in cooperation with +composites and intermatGR)
  • Workshops on sustainable materials, 23/05/2014, Arlon and autumn 2014, Lorraine
  • Workshop "Nanomaterials" 08-11/09/ 2014, Nancy
  • Workshop "recycling concrete" 07/10/2014, Luxembourg
  • Workshop "Biomaterials" october 2014, Arlon
  • Workshop "Solary energy conversion and storage", autumn 2014, Lorraine

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