The objectives of the UniGR

The main objective of the UniGR is to establish a strong association of universities in the Greater Region in order to promote the transnational cooperation of students, postgraduate students, lecturers and scientists, and to allow them to study, graduate, teach and research in an international environment. For this purpose, the mobility of students, researchers and lecturers is increased, and educational offerings and research profiles are improved. The individual goals to be obtained are:

  • Improved mobility between the partner universitites
  • Removal of administrative barriers
  • Free access to courses, libraries, canteens and other university facilities and services between the partner universities
  • Cross-border cooperation in education, including coordinated courses and controlled recognition of achievements, as well as expansion of the range of study courses and subject areas at the partner universities (new programmes with Joint Degrees)
  • Increased cross-border research provided by networks of scientists, development of joint projects and mutual provision of rare research equipment
  • Close cooperation in doctoral training (soft skills,  cotutelle de thèse, etc.)

Thanks to our large pool of well-trained, creative and dedicated people in the region, we can become a driving force for development! Together we will increase the attractiveness and reputation of the individual universities and their visibility on the European and international markets. A well-developed culture of education, work and research, as well as an improved infrastructure serve to support this sustainable and highly visible network, in which the University of Kaiserslautern is actively and creatively integrated. The results achieved so far in improving mobility between the individual universities, reducing administrative barriers and developing networks between the various stakeholders, are of vital importance in this context.

For students and post-graduates

For lecturers and researchers


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