Guide on the Protection of Intellectual Property

The guide for the protection of intellectual property was drawn up especially for researchers and students at universities of the UniGR. The handbook aims at informing researchers on how to protect their intellectual creations and research results as well as the possibilities of exploiting these results (technology transfer), and at sensitising them in this context. It also gives an overview of national and regional patent information centres.

The guide is divided into four main sections: The first section provides answers to frequently asked questions on dealing with intellectual property. The second section gathers information on (university) contact points and research opportunities, overviews of national patent laws, enforcement authorities, and a check list on how to proceed with an invention, as well as a case study on an invention and the corresponding technical property rights. In the third section you can find definitions of the most important terms, while Section IV contains the corresponding German-French glossary.

You can download the guide on the Protection of Intellectual Property in the Greater Region (updated version: as at May 2021):

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Guide sur la propriété intellectuelle

Guide to Intellectual Property


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