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Fazit Foundation


Fazit-Stiftung Gemeinnützige Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Mainzer Landstr. 243
60008 Frankfurt am Main
Postfach 100808

Fon: 069 - 7591-2066Fax: 069 - 739-3115


To promote science and research, education and upbringing through the award of scholarships for doctorate and post doctorate research at universities and technical colleges.

Prerequisites and Applications

Ph. D. grant applicants must be under the age of 28 when starting their doctorate studies and their dissertation must be completed within a maximum of two years from the date of the application.

Priority consideration is given to applications that convey a financial hardship.

The individual submission of applications is not permitted; The application must be forwarded by the respective chair of the faculty that supervises the scholarship holder.