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Friedrich Flick Research Foundation


Friedrich Flick Förderungsstiftung
Inselstraße 18
40479 Düsseldorf
Postfach 10 23 61 (40014 Düsseldorf)

Fon: 0211 - 4382-250


To support the general welfare through science and research grants. Additionally, the foundation promotes qualifying, talented young researchers, especially in the fields of business and economics and the engineering sciences.

Prerequisites and Applications

Interested candidates must send a written inquiry to the foundation with information about the area of study and field of activity (for scholarship grants) or the location and subject of the event (for travel allowances).  The supporting documentation for the application may possibly be sent after that.

German and international Ph.D. candidates at German institutes of higher learning as well as German Ph.D. candidates at foreign institutes of higher learning are eligible.

The preconditions of a grant award are that the funding be used for the development of a subject in business and economics or the engineering sciences (excluding architecture and civil engineering), a permanent supervisor relationship is established, a certificate of qualification attested to by the supervisor, and proof of need (documented by the income tax return of the parents, or perhaps that of the applicant and marriage partner).