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The Trainee Ticker Tape

Would you like to be kept informed of the latest openings and other news about vocational training offers? Then put yourself in our mailing list − we will keep you up to date with the Trainee Ticker Tape.

How do I register?

To be put in the mailing list, click on the blue link “TU Trainee Ticker Tape”. A new window will open and there you should enter your email address in the light yellow box labelled “Your email address” and then click on “Execute”.

Now a new window opens up and there you must enter a password as confirmation. The password required was just sent to your email address. Copy the password from this email and insert it in the “password” field. Then click on “subscribe”. Now you have succesfully registered for the mailing list!

Of course you can also easily deregister from the mailing at any time. If your browser experiences any problems when you register or deregister, we suggest that you use Firefox.