Regulation for non EU-nationals (only ERASMUS)

Entry & residence regulation for non-EU nationals within an Erasmus exchange

If you are a student or researcher from a non-EU country and you are considering to visit TUK for an exchange semester within an Erasmus program, please contact our colleagues for exchange programs (Incomings).



The following documents need to be submitted in full at least 40 days before your arrival in Kaiserslautern:

1. Completed Notification Form

2. Copy of your residence permit for the EU country you are currently residing in (valid for the whole time of your stay in Kaiserslautern and issued for the purpose of study)

3. Required proofs from the host institution (nomination letter etc.)

4. Proof of means of subsistence (scholarship certificate, confirmation of a blocked account etc.)

5. Proof of your health insurance

6. Copy of your passport


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If you want to be part of our social support program for incoming international students, take a look at our special Erasmuscout-Website

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