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Studying outside of Europe


Many scholarship opportunities exist to study outside of Western Europe. The largest single donor of scholarship funds is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). More information is provided directly on the DAAD web pages, for example, a scholarship data base. The DAAD PROMOS programme also supports studies abroad beyond the borders of Europe.

Requirements for scholarships programmes

  • Successful completion of 2-3 study semesters at the time of application or completion of the basic course requirements by the start date of the scholarship semester.
  • A current letter of recommendation from a university professor
  • Proof of language ability (see below)
  • A well informed presentation of your motivation and understanding of the study project and the selected partner school
  • If you already have your first degree, opportunities still exist to study abroad as part of a post-graduate or a master programme.



Compliance with application deadlines is very important for scholarship programmes. Some of these begin as early as 15 months prior to the start of the study exchange visit.

Language skills and verification


In the context of the exchange and scholarship programmes it is often necessary to verify your language abilities in order to understand the lectures and express yourself both orally and written on the topics relevant to your courses. To ensure the success of your studies abroad, you should thus be fairly fluent in the language of the host country. Hence, we recommend you start a language training course at the start of your semester abroad or shortly before your departure. The TU Kaiserslautern together with the non-profit VBK Association offers language training courses during the semester. As a rule, many of the partner universities offer intensive preparatory classes.

TOEFL - Test

American universities in particular, have set special English language skills as a criteria for enrollment. This criteria can be satisfied with a passing grade on the TOEFL Test (Test of English as a foreign language). The TOEFL®-Test evaluates the abilities of non-native speakers in the area of comprehension and use of the English language. The TOEFL® Test is an internationally accepted tool for evaluating English language abilities at the university level. For more information, see TOEFL


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