Kaiserslautern Reasearch Matching

Within this research field, top-class scientists engage in research about the interactions of light, spin (magnetism), and diverse forms of matter. The cutting edge research topics are studied across the borders of the traditional disciplines of sciences and engineering introducing new connections between the fields.

For advancing the research topics, the scientists contribute their expertise in quantum optics, applied optics, magnetism, surface physics, molecular and material sciences and benefit from the exchange of ideas. The scientists engaged in karema in this field are from experimental and theoretical physics, as well as physical chemistry. Their manifold projects range from basic research, e.g. Bose Einstein condensates all the way to technology-oriented research, like the development of novel data carriers.

For more detailed information, please have a closer look at the portraits of the scientists engaged in karema (“Individual Research Counselors”, IRCs). Please note: Due to the targeted research matching of karema, you should specifically tailor your research idea to the expertise of karema’s scientists.

Click on the name of the scientist for a more detailed portrait (PDF).


Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann
Ultrafast Phenomena at Surfaces

Ultrafast lasers or surface sensitive techniques such as photoemission and scanning probe techniques.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. habil. Andrii Chumak

Development of new low-damping materials for magnonics; Nano-structuring of magnetic films; Development and study of new spin-wave logic concepts.

Prof. Dr. Michael Fleischhauer 
Prof. Dr. Burkard Hillebrands

Spin dynamics and magnonics; material properties of magnetic films; nanostructures.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg
Cluster Chemistry / Physical Chemistry

Catalytic nitrogen activation and hydrogenation; characterization of size selected transition metal clusters; IR action spectroscopy.

Prof. Dr. Herwig Ott
Ultracold quantum gases and quantum atom optics

Dissipative attractor states, bosonic transport processes, Rydberg molecules, interacting Rydberg systems, momentum resolved collisions involving Rydberg atoms.

Prof. Dr. Bärbel Rethfeld
Ultrafast Dynamics of laser-excited Solids

Computational physics, numerical modelling, nonequilibrium dynamics of large ensembles, femtosecond-resolved microscopic relaxation processes in solid states and plasmas, ultrafast magnetism, laser-material processing.

Prof. Dr. Volker Schünemann
Biophysics and Medical Physics

Molecular biophysics; electronic and dynamical properties of iron centers in proteins and corresponding chemical models; reaction intermediates; spin crossover complexes; nanostructures of spin crossover complexes; iron containing nanoparticles; heterogeneous catalysis.

Prof. Dr. Georg von Freymann
Optical Technologies and Photonics

Terahertz-Spintronics: Generation, Detection, and Control of Magnons with terahertz radiation; Materials development for 3D µ-printing.

Prof. Dr. Artur Widera
Individual Quantum Systems

Quantum properties and dynamics of ultracold gases doped with individual and tightly controlled impurities; quantum optical phenomena on micron-sized optical chips.



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