Project PlanShrinking

Discourse Participants

In the course of discussion on the reasons for and the effects of shrinkage in the case study cities, several actors and stakeholders were involved in the project.

Sherry Linkon, co-author on the book "Steeltown U.S.A." and professor for English at the Gorgetown University in Washington, D.C.. Prior she was co-director of the Center for Working-Class Studies at the Youngstown State University.

John Russo, co-author on the book "Steeltown U.S.A." and and co-director at the Center for Working-Class Studies at the Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio.

Heidi Phaneuf, Community Resource Planner at the Genesee Land Bank in Flint, Michigan. 

Joseph Schilling, is professor at Viginia Tech's School of Public and International Affairs and is director of the Metropolitan Institute. He leads the institute's Sustainable Communities and Urban Regeneration initiatives.

Terry Schwarz, director of Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. 

Gerd Rojahn, head of the economic affairs office in the regional planning department of the government of Rhinlenad-Palatinate.

Carsten Große Starmann, project manager for demographic change at the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Furthermore the following institutions and agencies contributed to the field study research.

Gebäude- und Grundstücksgesellschaft Zwickau GmbH
Industie- und Handelskammer Chemnitz, Regionalkammer Zwickau
Planungsverband Region Chemnitz

Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Stadt und Landkreis Kaiserslautern
Gemeinnützige Baugesellschaft Kaiserslautern AG

Center for Urban Studies, State University Youngstown
Youngstown Planning Department, City of Youngstown

Genesee County Land Bank
Department of Community and Economic Development, City of Flint
Department of Finance and Administrative Services, City of Flint
Flint Area Reinvestment Office
Center for Community Progress
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Flint Neighborhoods United (Flint Blue Badge)






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