Project PlanShrinking

Field Trip

The field trip to Flint, MI on the topic 'Shrinking Smart - Spatial effects of urban shrinkage and strategies for revitalisation in Flint, USA' is linked closely to the promoted research project 'PlanShrinking'. The subject of this project is the analysis of possible changes in the planning culture under the impact of shrinkage. The students are involved in this research project through various events and have the opportunity to experience current changes. As part of the field trip the students will also analyse the process of developing a new master plan for Flint, which started two years ago.

The extensive public participation and the general principle of city development without growth are unique in this process. This is an utterly progressive and innovative approach, especially in the USA. During this research project, the students established ties with the municipality's political and administrative staff, private organisations and foundations as well as citizen initiatives. This is a chance for the students to exchange views on the plans and concepts and to contribute their own ideas to the process.


In this document, you can get more detailed informations about the programme, timetable and the participants.


Here you can find more information about the contacts visited during the field trip.

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