Cognitive Science

Department: Sozialwissenschaften
Degree: Master of Science
Duration: 4 Semester
Credit Points: 120 ECTS
Languages: English
Time: Fulltime
Study type: Presence study
Begin: Winter semester


The Master's programme focuses on conveying in-depth, research-orientated knowledge in the field of cognitive science. Social science and psychology are combined with IT and biology/neuroscience to create a broader field of science from which qualifications for cognitive science are acquired.


The first semester is made up of one introductory course module selected in a subject that was not part of the bachelor's degree and another module on methodolgy. After completing these two modules, the student selects three of five main thematic modules:

1. Perception,

2. Cognition and Knowledge,

3. Language and Linguistics,

4. Cognitive Neurosience and

5. Computation.

In addition to the lectures, the thematic modules include a 'lab rotation' and methodology programme.

Study advice

Sven Panis, Ph.D., M.A.

building 57, room 564.1

phone: 0631-205-3939

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