Embedded Computing Systems (ESY)

Department: Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Degree: Master of Science
Duration: 4 Semester
Credit Points: 120 ECTS
Languages: English
Time: Fulltime
Study type: Presence study
Begin: Winter and Summer semester


The curriculum consists of a core program, an elective program, and a master's thesis. The core program covers the fundamentals of Embedded Computing Systems. The elective program allows you to sharpen your personal profile by selecting specific courses from TUK and its associated research institutes.

Further information: esy.eit.uni-kl.de

Graduate Profile

Graduates of the master program "Embedded Computing Systems" (ESY) can...

  • ... describe, analyze and structure given interdisciplinary settings from the embedded computing domain domain and their coordinated interaction in current and future applications in industry, infrastructure, and daily life in absract and connected ways.
  • ... calculate, design, test, and apply microelectronic and information technological components, devices, machines, and systems and their construction methods.
  • ... design, implement, test, and evaluate application- and target-specific technical solutions for practical use cases with mathematical, simulation-based, and algorithmic methods.
  • ... list scientific methods and apply them when required for obtaining new knowledge.
  • ... work together goal- and deadline-driven in teams and projects.
  • ... present their goals, plans, methods, and results in a structured and audience-targeted way.
  • ... assess and evaluate their actions with regards to economic, legal, sustainable, and social aspects.
  • ... detect and bridge gaps in their knoweldge and qualifications problem-driven and autonomously  ("lifelong learning").

Study advice

Do you have any questions or doubts about this program? Just call us or drop us a line! Our study guidance will support you at any time.

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