Distinguished Lecture Series

The Spin+X Distinguished Lecture Series brings outstanding speakers to the Spin+X community during the semester.

The series comprise plenary talks of different key topics for the whole interdisciplinary consortium. Purpose of the event is to provide the community with different perspectives and promote the exchange of thoughts and ideas between experts, staff, and students.

Summer Term 2021

Felix Tuczek      

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

21. June 2021 16:00 p.m.

"Spin-state switching of iron complexes adsorbed on surfaces"


Felix Tuczek studied chemistry at Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz and received his PhD in 1989 in the group of Philipp Gütlich for work in Mössbauer emission spectroscopy. After  two  years  as  a  postdoc  at  Stanford  University  in  the  group  of Ed  Solomon  he returned to Mainz to work on his habilitation (1997). In 1999 he received a call to Christian Albrechts University Kiel and since then holds the chair for molecular inorganic chemistry in  Kiel.  His  scientific  interests  include molecular  spin switches,  spincrossover,  surface chemistry  and  spectroscopy  as  well  as  small-molecule  activation  (nitrogen  fixation, dioxygen activation).  more

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