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The Transregional Collaborative Research Center 173 Spin+X investigates spin properties from various perspectives and by connecting several scientific disciplines. Its research encompasses the whole range of spin research spanning from microscopic properties, to emergent spin phenomena and to the coupling to the macroscopic world. This constitutes a new discipline that we refer to as Advanced Spin Engineering, which seeks to create new functionalities based on spin physics. Spin+X builds on an outstanding research infrastructure in physics and chemistry at TUK and JGU, as well as in engineering at TUK, which are at the forefront of spin-related science and technology.


Dr. Andrew Ross in the final round for the Dissertation Award Symposium 2022

The Spin+X Researcher Dr. Andrew Ross was nominated and selected for the final round of the German Physics Society Dissertation Prize - Condensed Matter Section (SKM).

Dr. Ross was nominated by Prof. Dr. Kläui not only because he published more than 20 papers during his PhD, with first author papers in Nature, Nano Letters, Appl. Phys. Lett. etc., but especially because of his success and impact starting a new field of research, namely the "insulating antiferromagnetic spintronics".

The field of antiferromagnets is known for more than seventy years, but accessing information on the underlying magnet structure remains a challenge. Traditional techniques for probing the strengths of the magnetic anisotropies of ferromagnets are either not applicable to antiferromagnets, are impractical or too time consuming.

After 6 Month of research with zero results Dr. Ross was therefore able to show a technique which is simple and can be determined from electrical measurements.

"Such a technique will allow for rapid throughput when investigating changes in the antiferromagnetic structures of thin films for future, anisotropy driven applications such as magnetic junctions for information processing and memory storage.”, says Prof. Dr. Kläui.


We are excited about the upcoming research in the new area and thank Dr Andrew Ross very much for his outstanding contribution.

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