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International Conference on Spin Research

More than 80 scientists of physics, engineering and materials science came together from may 28 to may 30 in Kaiserslautern for a top-class conference on "New Concept Spintronic Devices" to exchange their results regarding research and development of spintronic elements for computer chips and sensors.

International guests at the TUK, photo: TUK

This workshop was organized by physicists of the TU Kaiserslautern in cooperation with their international partners of Sendai, Japan (Tohoku University) and York, UK (York University). Basis of the cooperation is the japanese/british/german "Core-to-Core" program, which is financed on the German side by the German Research Counsil (DFG). The "Core-to-Core" initiative aims at bringing together leading research groups after the so-called "best with best" principle.

Goal of the workshop was to show new trends in spintronics, namely new materials for nanospintronic elements, manipulation of spins in ultrafast timescales for ultrafast data memory chips and the transformation of spins in nano scale using heat, light and electric fields. At the university of Kaiserslautern, amongst others, SPIN+X is doing research in these fields.

SPIN+X P.I.s Prof. Hillebrands and JProf. Evangelos Papaioannou collaboratively organized the DFG-financed conference. Amongst the guests were new president of the Tohoku University Sendai, Prof. Hideo Ohn,o and Prof. Kevin O'Grady from York University, who held a lecture with experiments regards ferrofluids for the members of TU Kaiserslautern in the framework of the physical colloquium.