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Spin+X at the "Mainzer Wissenschaftsmarkt"

Spin+X participated in the "Mainzer Wissenschaftsmarkt" on the 9th and 10th september 2017 with a stand with several demonstrators.

Foto: Chiara Hoffmann

Foto: Chiara Hoffmann

On the 9th and 10th of September the Science Fair „Wissenschaftsmarkt“  took place for the 16th time in downtown Mainz. In large tents, universities, research institutes and companies from the region presented current research projects to the general public in an exciting and entertaining way.

Spin+X contributed to the event in the framework of the Graduate School of Excellence “Material Science in Mainz (MAINZ)”. Its presentation was organized by the Spin+X outreach project. The Spin+X exhibits were dedicated to the overarching themes of spin and magnetism. These exhibits were on display:

  • a smartboard with an animation of spin waves
  • a model of the Taipeh tower, as its elevators are controlled by GMR sensors,
  • a hard disk drive with transparent cover, that allows to see the read head with a GMR-Sensor
  • a small hands-on experiment about the transformation of the magnetization in steel when it is stressed and a model train to show a possible application of this research

Spin+X young researchers attended the stand over the whole weekend and answered the questions by the curious visitors tirelessly. With their enthusiasm the researchers provided a lively glimpse into the fascinating world of spin research and spin applications.