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Spin+X at the "Nacht, die Wissen schafft" in Kaiserslautern

On April 13, 2018, the „Nacht, die Wissen schafft“ took place in Kaiserslautern. On this night, the science landscape of Kaiserslautern in presenting science and technology in an entertaining way.

Under the direction of the science outreach project, SPIN+X participated in the event with the following demonstrators regarding spin and magnetism phenomena:

  • a Smartboard with a spin wave animation
  • a model of the Taipeh Tower, whose elevators are controlled with GMR sensors
  • a hard disc drive with a glass lid through which the reading and writing head with a GMR sensor can be seen
  • a hands-on experiment regarding the strain-induced transition of magnetization in steel and a model train as a demonstration of a possible application of this research