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Spin+X Young Researchers College seminar on the ‘Foundations for Successful Presenting’

On September 7th and 8th, the Spin+X Young Researchers met at Schloß Waldthausen for a seminar on the 'Foundations for Successful Presenting'. The two trainers, Amanda Habbershaw (Tinta-Training) and Orlando Schenk (Vox Veritas) introduced the group to various techniques to effectively present research. The 2-day-seminar focused on developing presentation techniques, providing also some theoretical skills. The trainers introduced the Ph.D.students also to technical parts of presentation techniques such as vocal articulation, correct pronunciation and proper visual performance. To do so the two-day workshop included teamwork and practical exercises.

For December the Spin+X Young Researchers College Retreat is planned. All participants are invited to use the freshly acquired skills to present the research to each other.