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SPIN+X Young Researchers met for the Retreat 2017

On December 14th and 15th 2017, the SPIN+X Young Researchers met at BIC Kaiserslautern to discuss science.

After an inspiring introductory talk by Professor von Freymann on “Wave phenomena in artificial potential landscapes” the Ph.D. students started their scientific symposium. All Ph.D. students were invited to present their research results within the SPIN+X projects. Following each presentation, the time slot reserved for dialog was filled by intense scientific discussions among the Ph.Ds. It was a very fruitful retreat with very excellent scientific sessions. The get-togethers during the breaks and the Christmas Dinner completed the good and inspiring atmosphere.


The new SPIN+X Young Researcher student speakers are Tobias Eul from Kaiserslautern and Alexander Pfeiffer from Mainz.