Spin+X – Spin in its collective environment

Transregional Collaborative Research Center (SFB/TRR) 173 “Spin+X – Spin in its collective environment” was started by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) in January 2016.
Spin+X research ranges from the fundamental realm of spins in molecules and solids to the development of complex spintronics device structures and magnetic sensors.


Spin+X PhD students win MAINZ award 2018

MAINZ Award Ceremony 2019 From left to right: MAINZ Director and Spin+X PI Prof. Dr. Mathias Kläui, MAINZ Visiting Professor Prof. Dr. Hartmut Zabel, MAINZ Awardee and Spin+X PhD student Dr. Kai Litzius, MAINZ Awardeee and Spin+X PhD student Dr. Alexey Sapozhnik, MAINZ Awardee Dr. Fabian Letscher, MAINZ and Spin+X PI Hans-Joachim Elmers, MAINZ PI Michael Fleischhauer

Each year, an award of € 2,000 will be granted for outstanding PhD thesis within the Graduate School of Excellence "Material Science in Mainz (MAINZ). The graduate school is a joint doctoral program between JGU Mainz, TU Kaiserslautern and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and strongly connected with Spin+X in a close collaboration with the MGK.

Former PhD students who achieve a degree "with distinction" and manage to coplete the MAINZ certificate are candidates for nomination by their supervisors. Supervisors will be informed by MAINZ to hand in a letter of nomination, a PDF version of the written thesis, the reports on the written thesis and the grading sheet of the PhD degree at the MAINZ Office. The MAINZ steering committee selects the recipients of the award from all nominations.

MAINZ Awardees are honored in a joint MAINZ Award Ceremony with MAINZ Visiting Professors. This year's awards are granted to Dr. Fabian Letscher (AG Fleischhauer, TU Kaiserslautern) and two Spin+X Ph.D students Dr. Kai Litzius (AK Mathias Kläui, JGU Mainz) and Dr. Alexey Sapozhnik (AK Hans-Joachim Elmers, JGU Mainz). We are proud of our Awardees and congratulate all recipients.

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