A09  Spin+Interfacial-Exchange: Exchange interaction of single molecule magnets at ferromagnetic surfaces

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Elmers (Institute of Physics, JGU Mainz)
Prof. Dr. Eva Rentschler (Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, JGU Mainz)

In project A09 PIs from the Chemistry and Physics department closely collaborate in order to investigate the role of spin-spin interactions of single molecule magnets (SMMs) deposited on ferromagnetic surfaces. With a view of spintronic devices comprising molecular components, one of the most important steps is the understanding of the interaction of the molecular magnetic moments with a ferromagnetic surface. Considering quantum mechanical many-body interactions, the properties of these hybrid systems cannot be described by adding up pair interactions and therefore shows true collective behavior. Any application of molecular spintronics requires control on the molecular level via interfaces to the outside world. This control can be achieved by the exchange coupling to a ferromagnetic electrode that in turn can be switched by magnetic or electrical fields. For such an envisioned device a detailed knowledge of the intra-, inter-, and interface exchange interaction is of utmost importance. As a model case we will focus on X(II)[12-MCY(III)N(Shi)-4] metallacrowns, where X(II),Y(III) are 3d-metal ions. Metallacrowns with their characteristic arrangement of spin centers provide a unique approach towards new single molecule magnets with a high-spin ground state and a large effective anisotropy barrier to magnetization reversal.

Aim 1: Determination of intramolecular exchange interactions in heterometallic metallacrowns;

Aim 2: Understanding the exchange coupling of SMMs with ferromagnetic metallic interfaces.

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