Second Funding Period 2020-2023:

A11  Spin+Optics: Theoretical design of antiferromagnetic optospintronics

Prof. Dr. Juriy Mokrousov (Institute of Physics, JGU Mainz)
Prof. Dr. Olena Gomonay (Institute of Physics, JGU Mainz)

The overall goal of project A11 is the theoretical understanding, discovery and design of novel fundamental spin phenomena in the field of antiferromagnetic (AFM) optospintronics. We will use  highly-predictive microscopic and ab initio theory in combination with non-linear magnetization dynamics simulations to shed light on the complex processes which accompany the interaction of optical pulses with the staggered or non-collinear order. Providing an insight into the phenomena of optically-induced effective magnetic fields, spin and orbital polarization, and corresponding dynamics of the sublattice magnetization in various AFMs, we aim to significantly advance our understanding of the interaction of AFMs with light by optimizing the conditions for the ultrafast and energy-efficient optically-induced switching of the AFM magnetization in complex transition-metal systems.

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