B08  Spin+Mechanical Sensing: Investigation and characterization of strain induced spin phenomena in steel

Prof. Dr. Tilmann Beck (Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, TU Kaiserslautern)
Dr. Marek Smaga (Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, TU Kaiserslautern)

In Project B08 the relationship between changes of crystallographic microstructure, changes of magnetic domains characterized by Kerr-Microscopy and integral magnetic properties induced by monotonic and cyclic mechanical loading of Fe3-%Si, Armco iron and 0.45% carbon steel will be investigated. Fatigue induced, strongly localized surface plasticity of paramagnetic austenitic steel will be indicated using ferromagnetic tracer layers developed within other SPIN+X projects. With this application of advanced magnetic characterization methods to cyclically loaded engineering materials, non-destructive approaches for identification of early fatigue states of metals and assessment of residual lifetime in service will be made viable. With this, the project contributes to extend the research in SPIN+X to the realm of engineering. Two major research aims are to be achieved in this context:

Aim 1: Investigation of the relationship between crystallographic and magnetic domain structure in mechanically loaded Fe-3%Si steel and Armco iron;

Aim 2: Determination of elastic and plastic strain as well as of early stages of fatigue damage in ferritic-pearlitic carbon steel AISI 1045 and austenitic steel AISI 904L using magneto-mechanical interactions.

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