Goals of SFB/TR 173 Spin+X:

Scientific goal:  to obtain a profound scientific understanding of effects based on spin-spin and spin-orbit interactions. An important part of this proposal is to identify new collective or even emergent spin phenomena, through cross-disciplinary collaborations that integrate diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Spin+X will launch the next generation of experiments, theories and simulations to understand and apply spin in collective ensembles. The proposed integration of microscopic science, macroscopic phenomena, and technological application constitutes a new discipline that we refer to as advanced spin engineering. This SFB/TRR provides a major stimulus for this discipline and accelerate the growth of this burgeoning field.

Strategic goal:  to ensure productive interaction of all Spin+X research groups, all the way from the theoretical fundamentals of quantum physics to real-world engineering research. The key strategic measure are supply chains with strongly interlinked projects for six key topics that have been identified as major challenges in advanced spin engineering. These supply chains naturally integrate the engineering projects into the physics-centered environment of Spin+Xand ensure a fast targeted transfer of know-how from basic science to applied projects, and vice versa. This transfer starts with studies of fundamental spin phenomena including both basic spin properties and collective spin effects. These effects are then combined to functional spin phenomena to eventually obtain advanced spin applications.

Educational goal:  to educate both young and experienced researchers in spin engineering by equipping them with a substantial methodological portfolio in experiment and theory. Within the Spin+X Young Researcher College (MGK) young researchers will obtain comprehensive training and mentoring that provides them with the skills set necessary for their future careers in industry, academia and beyond.

Gender-equality goal:  to increase the diversity of Spin+X employees and to support them individually beyond technical and scientific aspects of the work environment, including key measures for improving work-family balance.

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