Stellenbezeichnung: studentische Hilfskraft Programming (esp. Unity & also Matlab)
Gesucht ab: 15.02.2020
Wochenstunden: 6h-10h/ Woche
Fach- oder Organisationsbereich: Sozialwissenschaften
Einrichtung: Psychologie
Voraussetzungen: *** Desirable traits:
Highly motivated and proactively looks for tasks,
Enthusiastic and fast learner,
Should be able to work independently as well as in a team,
Fluent in English,
Availability : 6-10 hours/week

*** Coding task (to be submitted with job application)
To be invited for a job interview please submit the following task by 31st January 2020:
Task description:
In Unity, program a 2D scene that reads parameters from a file, loads the described 3D objects (e.g. spheres/cubes) and displays them on the screen at random locations. The scene is shown until the user presses a key-- at which point the scene exits and the program returns the time that the scene was displayed for.
1. Create an input file with 10 green cubes, 10 green spheres and 1 red cube at various locations (use some 3D coordinates).
2. Prepare code for reading the input file, display the scene (in orthographic or perspective projection in 2D) and add user input (key press for exiting the scene).
Arbeitsumfeld: If you are interested in working in a young international team with various interesting tasks, please send your complete application (cover letter, CV and GitHub link for the code) to Prof. Dr. Tandra Ghose ( ).
Ansprechperson: Tandra Ghose
Telefon: 017670568030
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