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Good reasons to study at TU Kaiserslautern

University of Kaiserslautern offers its students the ideal preparation for successful professional careers. The academic programme at our university enjoys an exceptionally good reputation – one that has received high honors and recognition. In October 2009, the TU Kaiserslautern became one of only six German universities to win the nationwide competition "Excellence in Academics."

Outstanding support – practical education

The curriculum at Kaiserslautern University is comprehensive: Organized in twelve departments, more than 100 courses are currently offered. The university enrollment is of moderate size with approximately 13,700 students, which ensures an outstanding teacher-student ratio. Additionally, the many professional associations and other student groups offer active support to students throughout the course of their studies.

Internships and semesters abroad enable an academic education closely aligned with professional practice. Our students also benefit from the many research institutes established on or in close proximity to the campus and cooperate closely with the university in various areas of applied research.

The learning concept at TU Kaiserslautern includes seminars to supplement the students' self-learning abilities and web-based eLearning.

From early admission to advanced studies

Those with a desire to prepare prior to the start of the regular course of study can apply for an early admissions programme. The examinations taken during the distance study programme can be credited to subsequent in-class courses, thereby shortening the time of resident study.

Furthermore, our university offers many programmes to those who want to continue their education after they have earned the first degree. The Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) at TU Kaiserslautern is one of the leading post-grad distance learning programmes in Germany and facilitates the path to obtaining your masters degree. At the DISC, you can earn an internationally recognized degree and realize your individual educational goals in parallel to family and career.

More than studying

There are many opportunities to look beyond the boundaries of your own programm by participating in the numerous events of the "Studium Integrale" (integrated studies centre). Lecture series, courses, and exhibits in addition to music and theatre groups encourage interdisciplinary and creative thinking and offer a balance to the stressful pace of the normal study day. In addition, the Association for the Advancement of International Understanding, Culture, and Education (VKB) offers a diverse selection of foreign language studies.

Keep up an active lifestyle through our university sports programmes. The sports sciences taught at the TU Kaiserslautern are supplemented with active participation. Many of the sports activities are free to students.

International campus

Those living in another country who wish to study at our university will find not only comprehensive information in the internet, but can also expect individual and customized support. We provide all the essential information well in advance of your travel.

The TU Kaiserslautern offers customized support plans not only for the bachelor programm, but also for graduate and post grad students as well as for visiting scientists from around the world. The International School for Graduate Studies (ISGS) promotes the high quality international Master and PhD programmes available at our university and supports the multi-disciplinary internationalization of the entire institution, which is our overall goal.