International Master Programs in English

You are interested in the English-taught International Master Programs of TU Kaiserslautern?
Here you find an overview of our offer:

This program is offered and conducted by the Graduate School CVT. The Graduate School CVT was founded in 2006 as a joint institution of the faculties of Mechanical & Process Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Social Sciences.

-> Further information for applicants
-> Application via CVT-Online-Application-Platform

IMPORTANT! Only complete applications will be considered!

Master of Science Biology with the following specializations:

  • Microbial & Plant Biotechnology
  • Molecular Cell Biology
  • Neurobiology
  • Ecology

-> Here you find the application form
-> More information about the Master of Science Biology can be found on the Master's Website.

with the following possible specializations:

  1. Algorithms & Deduction
  2. Distributed & Networked Systems
  3. Embedded Systems & Robotics
  4. Information Systems
  5. Intelligent Systems
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Visualization & Scientifc Computing

-> Online Application via the Computer Science Application Portal.

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.Sc.)
    Interested students can apply online for the M.Sc. program in Electrical & Computer Engineering. After your registration on this platform, you will be taken through the application step by step. Once you have filled out the application form, you can save and edit it again afterwards. Please also consult this checklist  with all the important documents you must add to your application. Important: If the documents are not complete, your application cannot be considered.

-> Find an overview of these programs in this PDF
-> Gain an insight into the EMECS's Alumni highlights

There are five different specializations:

  • Mathematics International
  • Economathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Technomathematics
  • Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

-> Find an overview of these programs 
-> The application form can be found at the related department website
-> See the commercial of the Master Actuarial & Financial Mathematics!


  • Advanced Quantum Physics (M.Sc.)

-> Online application via Application Portal
-> More information about the Master in Advanced Quantum Physics can be found on the Master's Website.
-> See the commercial of the Master Program!

  • Master in Cognitive Science (M.Sc.)

    This research-focused international Master´s program emphasizes the interdisciplinary aspects of cognitive science. It highlights the links between psychology, biology, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy of mind.

    Graduates of the program can pursue careers in academic, clinical, or industrial settings such as research, lab management, software engineering, consumer behavior analysis, human-machine interaction, rehabilitation, system development, and much more. All courses are taught in English. After two basic modules in the first semester you will be asked to choose three areas of specialization.

    The areas of specialization are:

    - Perception
    - Cognition and Knowledge
    - Language and Linguistics
    - Cognitive Neurosience
    - Computation

    Application Process:

    -> Application via Online-Application Portal
    -> More information on how to submit an application for the Master Cognitive Science

Find a detailed description of all listed Programs in our related International Master Programs Brochure

Application Forms & Deadlines


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As application deadlines can vary from program to program,
please check the specific information provided for your selected study program!

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