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International Recruiting Services for Faculties

ISGS offers support and service for international Recruiting and promotes the international (post)graduate programs and research opportunities of the TU Kaiserslautern worldwide.

Higher Education Fairs

We promote the international graduate programs in the target countries according to the university´s strategic development plan.


We coordinate, edit and maintain entries in international student portals.

Print Publications

We create and distribute print products in English for Recruiting purposes as well as guidelines for new students. Find the complete list here.

International Advertisement

Together with the DAAD, we launch international advertisement via Websites & Newsletters of strategic DAAD information centers and branch offices worldwide.

Social Media Marketing

ISGS is reaching out to the international student public via a social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.



Participation in international rankings & evaluations

We get feedback for further improvement & visualization via the assessment of our offers in international rankings & reviews, such as...