Project PlanShrinking


In order to meet the research challenge of studying planning cultures under the premise of shrinking cities the following two aims and respective research questions will be investigated:

  1. Identify paradigm shifts, and possible changes in planning systems and planning cultures in view of shrinking cities in Germany and the USA.

Which assumptions and values regarding planning have changed or have been adjusted.

What are the options for a shrinking city (among them redevelopment, landscape beautification, historic preservation, ecological restoration, temporary uses, demolition of neighborhoods, benign neglect)?

In what way have rebuilding strategies been successful or failed?

  1. Develop a toolset to evaluate planning strategies for shrinking cites

Which strategies have been successful, which failed, and why?

Which requirements for future oriented planning from the international comparison can be utilized for shrinking cities?

What are major benchmarks for the perception of shrinkage, which could be utilized as an early warning system?

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