Fantastic One Day excursion to GKM thermal power plant, Mannheim

Being a member of ETK I got a great opportunity to visit one of the major power plants of Southern Germany, the GKM Thermal Power Plant in Mannheim. As I am new to Germany and I love technology, I was really excited about the trip.

We were a group of about 10 students with two group leaders from the ESEM chair. As planned we started on time and reached there exactly as the time allotted. There we were greeted by a well experted guide at the entrance. He took us to the presentation hall for a short video introduction. After the video, he brought us to their new building called the building 9 (engaged in 2015). It was really huge and the machinery was extraordinarily big. The guide explained stage by stage, level by level the working concept of the complex thermal power plant.

I also liked the view from the top of the building, it was fascinating. I am grateful and thanking ETK, ESEM and GKM for giving me this unforgettable excursion.
Athul Mathew, International Master Student at TU Kaiserslautern